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The National Council of Women is leading Gender Equal NZ because we care about the experiences of all genders and believe in equality for all.

You can help grow and support the Gender Equal NZ movement to make equality a reality by becoming a member of the National Council of Women of New Zealand.

  • We are a key voice for women across the political, economic and social spheres.
  • We increase understanding of gender equality issues and speak on behalf of our members in community,
    national and international forums.
  • We consult our members before writing submissions on key government decisions that have a gender impact.
  • We support the wonderful work our member organisations do to make a difference for women.
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Our founders
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Our members today

Established by our founding President Kate Sheppard in 1896, we have around 250 member organisations at a national or local level representing over 100,000 women with many of our member organisations representing all genders. We also have 19 branches around the country. We represent a collaborative network covering membership, public, private and not for profit organizations.

Benefits of being a member

You will have access to our members section, featuring a variety of different topics:

  • Members’ hub
  • The Circular
  • Conference 2018
  • Conference 2019
  • Board Member contacts
  • International work
  • Life Members
  • Resources
  • Standing Committees
  • Submissions

And most importantly, see how your contribution has made a difference!

Membership cost is $60 waged (or $30 unwaged) annually.
Help shape the future of gender equality in New Zealand!