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We are focusing on the four key areas of inequality

Our work targets four areas of inequality that prevent New Zealand from achieving a Gender Equal NZ.

  • safety and health – domestic and sexual violence, sexual and reproductive health, access to healthcare including abortion, and mental health issues
  • economic independence– poverty rates including minimum wage, occupational segregation, workplace participation, childcare, caregiving and unpaid work, and pay equity issues
  • education – gender roles and subjects, early childhood education supporting diversity, consent and healthy relationships programmes, and sexual and gender diversity
  • influence and decision making – rates of women in management, governance, leadership and decision-making roles in the political, private and voluntary sectors
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Discrimination can be more subtle than it once was. We see it in our everyday interactions, with subtle gender inequality being revealed in attitudes and assumptions. For some, gender inequality is more obvious. For all of us, the job is not done.

We have recently carried out New Zealand’s first Gender Attitudes Survey, which tested attitudes around gender roles – in the household, at school, at work and in the community and gives us a snapshot of where we’re at in New Zealand on gender. Gender Equal NZ has two other major projects underway, find out more about the results here.