National Council of Women in Niue

We are a registered charity fighting for gender equality because we want all New Zealanders to have the freedom and opportunity to determine their own future.

We are an umbrella organisation with a volunteer board and 15 branches nationwide. More than 200 organisations, as well as individuals, are members. Established in 1896, we have led or supported many initiatives that have benefited New Zealand communities.

For some, gender inequality is more obvious. For all of us, the job is not done.

Updates on Current Campaigns and Projects

Gender Equal girl and boy boy, man and elder

We’re determined to make equality, reality for all New Zealanders.

We’re kicking off with three new pieces of work that will hold New Zealand to account. With your support,
we will increasingly put the spotlight on the cultural and societal norms that enable gender inequality to grow. Gender Survey

The survey tested attitudes around gender roles – at home, at school,
at work and in the community and has given us a snapshot of where
we’re at in New Zealand on gender. Gender Dashboard

The Gender Dashboard collects, collates and analyses data to build a shared understanding of the status of all women in Aotearoa New Zealand Gender Taskforce

We want to influence social norms around gender by starting with the place most New Zealanders go to for information – the media. It’s mission: create change in how the media represents all genders. statics about women statics about women statics about women