Portrait of Yana Brewster

I'm Yana, a UX/UI website designer
and web developer based in Wellington.

I believe UX/UI design and web development are crucial tools for solving problems in today's technological world. For this reason, I am also very interested in web accessibility and am keen to incorporate it into future case studies.

My curious, gentle nature and bicultural upbringing enable me to relate to a diverse range of people from different backgrounds and cultures. This perspective allows me to sense other people's needs intuitively and this drives me to find solutions to their problems.

I'm currently seeking a permanent role in UX/UI design within an organisation that supports professional growth and offers opportunities for upskilling.

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J R McKenzie is a philanthropic trust whose core focus is on disadvantaged children and their families and Māori development.

  • Website maintenance on Wordpress
  • Sourcing, editing and uploading 42 images on their webpage
  • Conducting a website content audit
  • Creating a prototype website design

Barney Brewster is a photographer from New Plymouth, who is most known for capturing New Zealand landscapes by moonlight. He now lives in Nelson.

  • Website design, maintenance, and customizing templates on Wordpress
  • Conducting a website content audit
  • Editing photos for web and print
  • Managing an Instagram and Pinterest account
  • ​Rebranded the logo design and brand

​​​Film for Change Aotearoa is a charity that makes films for groups with socially good missions. I was volunteering as their co-volunteer manager and communications captain until they hired me in 2015.

I was in the leadership team and my role covered these areas:

  • Event management and communications
  • ​Graphic design on tight deadlines
  • Admin and database management
  • Volunteer recruitment and retention

Diploma in Web and UX Design
Yoobee Colleges, 2019 - July 2020

Bachelor of Fine Arts, 1st Class Honours
Massey University, Class 2014, 2008-2014


Illustrator and Designer
Vicki Eats, 2019

Designer and Admin
Opportunity Arts, 2018

Art Print Technician​
Red Rock Prints, 2017

Studio Assistant
Alpha Gallery, 2015

Workshop Assistant
Vincents Art Workshop, 2015

Studio Assistant
Pablos Art Studio, 2015

Gallery Host
Enjoy Gallery, 2015

Gallery Retail Assistant
Real TART Gallery, 2012

Dress for Success, 2011 - 2012

Retail Assistant
Save the Children, 2011 - 2012

​​Retail Assistant
​Trade Aid, 2010 - 2011

"Yana is an invaluable member of any team;
she is efficient, calm, and a good communicator."

- Lucy, Red Rock Prints