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Charity Project

Barney Brewster

Redesign a WordPress responsive blog and gallery NZ photography website.

Barney Brewster
Yoobee Colleges Projects
Charity Project


Redesign a responsive website. We had 3 weeks to complete the UX, design and coding process.

Charity Study
Artful Project


In a group, we were tasked to develop a fullstack app using Agile methodology. The app allow users to buy and sell artwork and leave comments.

Artful App
Pug Refuge Project

Pug Refuge

Create a custom theme on WordPress with a mix of custom and third party functionality.

Pug Refuge
Restaurant Project


In groups, our task was to redesign a website for responsive viewing on desktop, tablet and mobile.

Restaurant Study
Kiwi Getaway Project

Kiwi Getaway

Create a single-page web app for booking accommodation.

Kiwi Getaway
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"I highly recommend Yana Brewster as a hard-working individual who would put forth her upmost effort in any position she holds."

- Emily, Intern at Film For Change Aotearoa